We found that currently in Punjab most parents lack a true understanding of the religion itself, and therefore, are unable to pass along the teachings and principles of their own religion to the next generation. Furthermore, many gurdwaras are so overcome by politics, financial concerns, and individual egos, that their original purpose of promoting the Guru’s message has been lost.


The changing scenario of Punjab and Punjabis in India compelled us to explore the basic reasons as of to why Sikh youths are indulging in narcotics and illegal drugs, and drifting away from their fundamentally rich and simple religion. By adopting a methodical approach over the last three years of interacting with more than 70,000 Punjabis in schools, colleges, universities and gurdwaras, we have concluded that the fault of this disaster does not lie solely on the youth. Ideally, the spiritual upbringing of children should be a cooperative effort from parents, religious institutions, and the society as a whole.


Ultimately, society’s tolerance and acceptance of immoral behavior has provided an environment under which these practices have flourished. Society is a collection of individuals, and this is where we, as individuals, each have the opportunity to bring about a change -a change resulting in a positive direction -by becoming involved in projects such as the one described below.